Hart Brachen

writer, bon vivant & wanderluster with a pitta dosha


Hart Brachen is a pseudonymous writer, bon vivant, and wanderluster with a penchant for getting into more trouble than it's worth. Currently Hart is working on his first novel, The Kali Algorithm, an adventure romance and heroine's journey.

Previously, Hart authored the popular Red Sox comic-blog The Soxaholix for 13 years. The Soxaholix was well received by the Red Sox fandom and garnered some noteworthy critical acclaim, including a feature article about the comic in the Wall Street Journal, where strip was described as "Part Doonesbury, part Bill James, part graduate seminar in literature."

Hart also dabbles with haiku, clerihew, limerick, and more at his blog Poemaholix.  His life is generally one of mundane routine punctuated from time to time with unforgettable happenings.